Craft Bakery/Studio

How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?” – Julia Child

Existing Pole Barn

In repurposing an existing pole barn, this project combines the creative and nurturing act of bread-baking with a sustainable strategy that minimizes its environmental impact.

The principal client is a craft baker who focuses on baking whole grain sourdoughs and breads with ancient grains.  Certain stages of the sourdough process are optimized at warmer temperatures than are normally comfortable in an occupied space.  The program is therefore divided into three major elements: the bakery itself, a service core, and a studio space (with loft) that in the future may serve as a guest residence.   Sliding doors on both sides of the central core permit it to remain within the interior climate of either the bakery or the studio, depending on current needs.

Reuse of the existing structure strictly defines the footprint and overall form of the building.  Exterior materials include board and batten siding, polycarbonate panels, and a corten steel roof over a new porch addition.  The existing asphalt shingle roof will be replaced with corten after its useful lifespan is reached.  An overhead door at the bakery provides for easy pick-ups and deliveries and allows the space to open to its natural wooded setting when conditions permit.