It’s about People. It’s about Place.

David’s work has been lauded by critics for its simplicity and connection to place.

“…exemplary in weaving all the components of design excellence together …captures a connection between the land and the architecture …simply, but beautifully and elegantly designed and constructed”

Seattle AIA Honor Awards Jury

The client’s “vision and goals are so clearly manifested in the design… beautifully integrates the inside with the outside… beautiful details, simple, economical, and handsome

-AIA National Educational Facilities Design Awards Jury

At its core, architecture improves the human condition while anchoring itself in the spirit of place.  It addresses our potentials while providing physical and emotional grounding.  Architecture shapes, and is shaped by, our humanness: the aspirations, activities, and relationships of the people it serves, as it intersects with the unique ecology of its specific location.

Throughout my career, mostly working in the public realm, I have been interested in this intimate connection of people and place.  Now I am bringing that same focus to my residential work.  Although the scale of work and the specific needs of my clients have changed, the approach and values I bring to bear on a project remain the same, working towards simplicity, engagement, expressive meaning, craft, and a deep respect for our planet’s resources.